Wednesday, 14 October 2015


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High Pressure Heater

Low Pressure Heater

SH Double Bellow Heat Exchanger

SHV Double Bellows Displacemet Heat Exchanger

High Efficiency Intelligent Exchange Unit

Thermal Web Heater

XMC Revolving Diaphragm De-Aerator

Crane De-Aerator

Inner Split Semi-Displacement Heat Accumulation Water Heater

Air Cooling Turbine Integrated Exhaust Device


Closed-Circuit Cooler


Intermittent Blowdown Expansion Tank, Continuous Blowdown Expansion Tank, Drainage Expansion Tank, Boiler Starting Expansion Tank

NZG Series Bag Type Automatic Water Supply Unit, NZP Series Floor Fixed Expansion Tank

Plate-type heat exchanger (detachable type)

PCW Unit

Welded Plate-Type Heat Exchanger

BHT Series Lamella Heat Exchanger

Fume waste heat fully welded plate-type heat exchanger

ZJZ Series Shaft Top Heating Unit

Fume Waste Heat Exchanger

Compressed air cooling and dehumidifying system

AC low voltage complete power transmission / distribution and automatic control system

Deep Well Cooling System

Nuclear power plant conventional island pressure vessel and heat exchanger

Water Treatment Engineering and Products

Circulation water and reclaimed water reuse treatment projects